flowers with black and blue background

flowers with black and blue background
(thinking i need to get more creative with my titles, 
but this is as good as it gets today...)
title suggestions welcome :)

she's watery and bold and lovely
20 x 16 inches
graphite, watercolor and acrylic on canvas

details below: 

as always,
scoot on over to 
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flowers with striped cloth

flowers with striped cloth

graphite, watercolor and gouache on canvas
40 x 30 inches

detail snaps below plus some behind-the-scenes pics

this painting was so much fun to create
here's a peek at how she came together

to see her and more!



field of flowers


she's pretty big :)
46 x 26.5 inches
graphite, watercolor and gouache on paper

detail snaps below

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new work

it's been a while, i know

i had a baby. did you hear?

the first few months after Cooper was born, i had a burst of energy
and posted a few things and completed 2 paintings on canvas!
i know, crazy momentum.
then, i didn't touch a paint brush for months. 

now, i'm happy to report that i have found a new rhythm in the studio.
a new rhythm of balancing (whatever that means) life as a mother of 4 and being an artist. 

i even completed a series of landscapes based on images of my childhood in tennessee.
landscapes? yep. different for me, yes.
but, it felt right to go into this new realm. 

here's a look at a few of the mini landscapes
(all around 4 x 5 inches)
and all available for purchase
on katelewisart.com :)

thanks for taking a look
i look forward to posting more soon :)


flower love


graphite, watercolor and gouache on canvas
30 x 40 inches

details pics below

interested in purchasing 
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a lesson

how to paint when you have a 3 month old


new painting in the works

2 babies sleeping and 2 in school means 
I get a precious moment to work in the studio. 

I'm very grateful to have this space in my home 
where I can begin creating again after 
Cooper's birth just 7 weeks ago. 

My goal for this painting is to use 
a serene palette which correlates with 
what I'm aspiring to these days- 
a peaceful home and family life.


new works on paper

hey everybody!

here are my latest watercolors on paper
they are all on my web site and available for purchase

11 x 15 inches, watercolor on paper, $75


in process photos below

as always, please go to
to see more and to purchase



5 weeks and counting

i've got just under 5 weeks to go 
before baby #4 arrives

i've cranked it up a notch in the studio

looking forward to sharing my new work with you next week!!


design mom book

have you seen design mom's new book?

i'm so flattered to have a few photos of our house featured, 
along with tons of other inspiring houses around the world 

here are a few photos of our house in the book!

it's a #1 bestseller on Amazon
click here to find it


all photos of our home were taken by Anna Naphtali