good morning, morning

this is how i would like to start my mornings!

tea, juice, crossiant w/jam and sparkling water
flowers galore 

left side detail

center detail

right side detail

how it went down
pencil sketch and
primary colors get the party started

had to stop to think about the background
oh, what to do, what to do...

i added the finishing touches with my 
painting partners close by
note: i'm the one that ended up without a chair
you do what you gotta do, people

size, price, medium?
go here


Living with Kids

i'm seriously excited about this

scoot on over to Gabrielle's lovely blog, 
Design Mom

see more pics and read the interview


big, bumpy and green

this is what's in the works
it's big

it's bumpy

it's gonna be green

here's a shout-out to sadie and eli 
for playing so well together 
while i put a bunch
of gesso on this baby

holla s and e!



she loves a party

here's her story
she started as a quiet drawing 
with a washy background

then she wanted brighter colors
and insisted that i invite acrylics to the party
i did

acrylics can really get a party rockin'
she's jumping!
can you see?

a closer view

head on over here

party on


it's my birthday and you get 34% off


it's my birthday
i'ma celebratin'
here's the deal...

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happy december!!!

this is what i've been up to today
have you started decorating yet???
you better!
it is dec. 1st