it's time for another


yep, that's right
enter to win one of my prints

here are a few you can choose from :)
 Chandelier 6/7
  Green, Pink, Blue Garden
Grey on Yellow Little Table
  Orange Afternoon Reading
Blue Belle Blue Faucet

how to enter:
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*leave a comment letting me know 
which print you love

good luck!!!
winner will be chosen 
thursday, october 6


did someone say pattern?

i'm kinda into patterns right now
finished this crazy one today


how it went down
paused to get play-doh out of the little man's truck 
(the end of the paint brush came in handy)

next, eli joined me at the table

 another pause to watch sadie do a trick on 
the swing and trapeze bar

finally, she joined me at the table
i'm getting ideas from her painting :)

now, she's on the studio wall 
with her patterned friends

details here


...have left the studio

 one of my favs now has a happy home 
across the globe

has moved to the north east

has moved down south
also now a southerner

while it's sad to see them go, 
i'm excited about what i've got cookin' in the studio
lots more to come :)


Afternoon Reading's big sister

yep, here she is as a sketch
may tweak the colors a bit, 
but overall
i like

and yes, 
if this one looks familiar, it is
 i used Afternoon Reading as inspiration

big sister's going to be bigger
i'm thinking 16 x 20 inches

stay tuned...


ahhhhh, the studio is done

i am VERY grateful to have a
beautiful space where i can create
and (the most important component)
an area for the kids to play at the same time!!!
most cherished toys: swings and trapeze bar 
large work table for 
small watercolor painting 
and sketching
easel painting area
i've got a 48 x 48 incher waiting
(my goal is to have a sketch 
on this baby by the end of the week)
paints and
brushes ready to go
space to sit, research and reflect
computer, sewing machine
and inspiration wall
 a close-up of the inspiration wall
another glimpse
a view of the kids' side
 kids' table for clay and sketching
little reading corner
and another view of the kids' side
my favorite parts: 
the great light for painting and 
the gynormous ceiling
heading downstairs to the rest of the house
Poppy Chair adds a punch of color 
to the black and white stairs

i am thrilled to show to my studio
hope you enjoyed the tour!!!


chairs and pillows

two lovely little paintings


this is where they live now 
(freshly painted. drying on the table):

inspiration, you ask?
anna spiro from absolutely beautiful things
of course
go here and here to see

for details, scoot on over to my web site



tiny flowers

i am pleased to announce that
this little watercolor
has just been added to ugallery

title: tiny flowers
size: 8.5 x 9 inches
medium: graphite and watercolor on paper
price: $175

u like? 
click here


printing on patterned paper

a few weeks ago 
i mentioned that

well, i carved a new linoleum block
and printed it on beautiful, vibrant paper!
they wanted to be shown together

from the other side :)

yep, that's little table. 
he wanted to be printed on this paper also!

chandelier 1/7
the little white one on red paper in the middle
and, the one below is
chandelier 5/7

in case you were wondering, 
this is the linoleum block

if you like, 
go here to see more



free shipping!!!!!!!

Ugallery is offering 
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this big dude (and i mean this one is big)

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this bundle 

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