Halloween Moving Day

Sadie (a.k.a. the fairy princess) and I spent our last morning in the studio. We moved out today. The building was sold, so everyone will be moving out over the next few months. It was bittersweet leaving the Contemporary Art Workshop. The seeds of Sadie's creativity were planted here. She spent many hours sleeping, playing, and making her own artwork in that studio over the last 16 months. 


getting closer...


Kitchen Update

Sadie and I are working away on the kitchen.


Green Room with Chaise

It's been a while since I last posted. The month of September has been a month of being a mother and putting the artist on hold. I have had some time in my studio to finish the painting of the chaise. You'll see that the colors have dramatically changed. I love working with bright colors. 

I also started the large painting of a kitchen. Love this kitchen! Can't wait to get back to the studio.