a stroll

i took a stroll through the museum (art institute of chicago) to find works that capture 
the feel/color/energy of the painting that's in my head wanting to emerge.

and the winners are...
an all time favorite, rothko

diebenkorn b/c his paintings bring up good memories of cali

louis (no relation, hence the different spelling)



this big dude left the studio yesterday to live in an active home full of spirit and curiosity.

it's bittersweet to see a painting grow up and find a home away from mine. 
travel down memory lane with me. 
oh, look how he's grown!


super psyched!

soooo excited to announce the shout-out Chicago Luxury Beds has given me on their web site. 
check it out here!

this is the super duper painting featured on their site

how fabulous are these beds, right?


kilims are kool

what's that, dogg?? you love kilims?
yep, i knew you did. me too.

title: kilims are kool
size: 22 x 30
medium: watercolor on paper

details below. soak it up.


painting finds happy home

partners has found a home!!!!
these intertwined chairs now live in a lively home full of energy, activity and a great partnership. 


the details

gosh, i hope this large light ball doesn't fall on my head!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhh, let me rest my head on these not-so-soft looking pillows.

what is this all over my comforter? are they square sequins? 
silver flakes falling from the sky? what's going on?

they are really shinny and i like it. :)


how it all comes together

title: blue bedroom
size: 24 x 30 inches
medium: graphite and acrylic on canvas

spotted this window display on my way to pick up my husband from work- i had to pull over...

love this pendent lamp
i've been scouting a place to hang one in my home, but it ended up in a painting first.

i have been thinking about this color blue since seeing this movie. 
carrie bradshaw's apartment.

and, of course, love the color and texture in j.crew's spring collection.

the evolution of the painting:

phase 1

phase 2

phase 3

phase 4

once again, final image. :)