I Heart New York

If you want a shot of inspiration, go to New York for 3 days with art-lovin' girlfriends and see as much art as humanly possible; at night, spend time with your husband who is there on business and is equally excited about opportunities he is encountering.

p.s. make sure your in-laws are available to be with your children before arranging the trip and have nanny stop by periodically to make sure in-laws do not become overwhelmed.

Highlights from the trip:

Mary Boone (amazing gallery spaces + beautifully executed, engrossing works of art = nirvana)


Jen Beckman (petite gallery + pastel, pastry-like paintings = delight)


Takashimaya (fresh cut poppies + artful toys and  handmade clothes = higher standards for what I put in my home, on my body and children's bodies, and in my children's hands to play with)



Megan Craig (philosopher + artist + new mother = relief that there is someone else out there juggling motherhood and art)


Love and Baby Weight

A big 'ol Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I love this day where I can wear pink, dress my children in pink/red and receive lots of tulips and buttercups. I did this little watercolor today. It is an image of a cupcake I would love to devour if I were not trying to drop the last 8 pounds of baby weight... love ya little Eli, but the baby weight must go. And, much love to my husband Ed (a.k.a. Stedman).


Conservatories and Snow

I started a small watercolor today based on images of greenhouses I have been collecting. Sadie (2 years), Eli (6 months) and I have also been frequenting the local conservatory which has proven to be a warm respite for us during the winter months and a source for inspiration for me. 
Btw- a mini conservatory is on my house wish list. There is a perfect flat roof just outside one end of my studio to house it.  Stay tuned.

This is the view from my studio today. We are expected to get 14 inches! Yikes! Can you see why I am drawn to painting flowers and plants- the absolute opposite of what's happening around me? This is a much different approach than my friend Karen is taking with her paintings. Check out her blog here





Instead of starting my next painting, this is what I have been doing: selecting paint colors for my living room, dining room and upstairs hallway (i chose "the right white" for the trim and "cloud white" for the walls); clothes shopping for Sadie who desperately needed tights, shirts and dresses that actually fit; cleaning; grocery shopping. And, I started teaching again this week...