great art + j.crew = : )

colorful, inspiring art books + colorful, inspiring clothes= why i'm lovin' jcrew.

my favorite artists featured-- had to include an image of doig working in his studio. 
love all the drips and his amazing use of color.

i'm using this color palette as inspiration for my current painting...more on that later. :)



see how tiny i am? 

a special thanks to my studio assistants. holla, sadie and eli.


oh yeah!!!! oh, those curtains is finished!!!!!

oh those luscious curtains!!! 
if i could live in one of my paintings, this one would be the ONE. 

graphite and acrylic on canvas
8 x 10 inches



oh, those curtains!

inspiration pic (domino)
i've been a little obsessed with these curtains for a while now. 
it's only natural that i decided to paint them. :)

working on a wee little canvas- it's 8 x 10 inches.
how rock star are these curtains??? 
are you so bold to have those hanging in your house?



big orange chair is fully cooked and ready to serve

take a seat in my big orange chair, smell some crazy flowers and read some unidentifiable books.

what a nice leg you have

put some candy in that bowl, will ya?

  • big orange chair
  • 30 x 30 inches
  • acrylic on canvas
  • available for you to put wherever your heart desires!


in my entry way

it's fun to hang my work around the house before it moves to its permanent home. currently, Living (acrylic on canvas, 4 x 5 ft.) is hanging in the entry way.

interested in having this in your home? email me, we'll talk :)


about 80% done

white frosting background...yummy!

detail of the sexy table leg and crazy cushie club chair arm

detail of flowers gone wild

flowers gone wild gazing at the white frosting


nighty night

22 x 30 inch COLORFUL watercolor. nighty night


big orange chair

a full view of the paintin' (yes, sometimes my southern roots come out)