Part of His Room

say what?
Part of His Room
8 x 10 inches

i've been craving abstracts
i know. it's not totally abstract, but
it's pretty abstract for me

this is how he started
i really like the floor. 
i had fun playing with the browns and yellows

guys need flowers in their rooms too, right?

um...this is not my snack. i promise
eli was snacking while sitting on my lap (for a brief time)

finished chair detail
who doesn't love a little shimmer in chair legs?

final flowers detail
pink, red, yellow with hints of orange and purple :)
i'll take 2 bouquets, please

black and white rug detail
pattern. check!

go here for his details


making of poppy chairs

Big Half of a Poppy Chair was first
pillows done
working on adding color and 
water to the flowers

they wanted their portrait taken together
big poppy is thinking about having a lighter background

she changed her mind
see final image here

and, she is so excited to announce that 
she is on the way to her new home!

Half of a Purple Poppy started as a graphite sketch 
just like all of my paintings

then came reds, pinks and oranges

multiple colors start to appear
it's getting exciting!!!

there was no question, this one wanted to be purple
see final image here

wonder where will purple poppy end up


half of a poppy has multiplied

half of a purple poppy



and her dear friend

big half of a poppy chair



and then there were three

go here and here for details!


collage as sketch

yanother idear for a paintin'

i'm really, really, really wantin' to add pattern to a paintin'

don't ask me why i'm writing like this. 
it's friday and the babysitter's almost here.

happy weekend, y'all


still sketching


getting inspiration for my black and white painting 
from gwyneth paltrow

this is what i'm thinking about now
large horizontal canvas with cropped 
black and gray chandelier

i can't stay away from color too long
here's a sketch for a large colorful chandelier with rug 
against an olive green background :) 
this one's going to be fun!

some ideas for smaller watercolor paintings on canvas

having fun brainstorming



about a large black, white and gray painting 
with chandelier and windows

it would be a challenge for me not to use color.
let's see if i can pull this off...

don't worry, 
the chandelier won't look like an 
upside down spider in the actual painting.
okay, maybe it will :)


art house pics

thank you to everyone who made 
art house a huge success!

with a steady stream of people through the door, 
the evening was full of lively conversation and fun

the children had a blast!


art house sneak peak

okay people,
here's a hint of what you'll see 
tomorrow night

wooden planters and sculptures

paintings, 2-d and 3-d wooden mini installations

this gorgeous dining table
my latest love, lavender

more paintings and wooden sculptures

photographs and my stuffed chair, amelia

a behind the scenes look at the installation of an amazing photograph

can't wait to see y'all there
details here
or email me!


the evolution of lavender

in the beginning
she was a wash of light violet and paynes gray

then came more purple and white

next, a little more gray, some orange and brown

more purple

then, more white 
my favorite, iridescent pearl

next came the butter yellow and pinks

a layer of neutral gray

a final layer of lavender and glossy white
and...she's complete

as always, scoot on over to my web site
for prices and availability :)