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Neoteric Art: Give us a little history on yourself.

Kate Lewis: I grew up on a farm in TN surrounded by land and family. Now, I’m a southern girl in a big city. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we have a one-year-old daughter. Family is the center of my life. Art have always been a part of who I am. And, I have the award I received at the age of one from the local county fair to prove it.

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Ahhh Color

I have chosen to add a lot more color in the shelves than I had originally planned. Today I spent most of my time painting bowls and books. 


New Studio

Sadie and I are back to work in our new studio (the basement)! Sadie is enjoying working on her drawings while I work on mine. Plus, I got to do laundry while we worked. 


Halloween Moving Day

Sadie (a.k.a. the fairy princess) and I spent our last morning in the studio. We moved out today. The building was sold, so everyone will be moving out over the next few months. It was bittersweet leaving the Contemporary Art Workshop. The seeds of Sadie's creativity were planted here. She spent many hours sleeping, playing, and making her own artwork in that studio over the last 16 months. 


getting closer...


Kitchen Update

Sadie and I are working away on the kitchen.


Green Room with Chaise

It's been a while since I last posted. The month of September has been a month of being a mother and putting the artist on hold. I have had some time in my studio to finish the painting of the chaise. You'll see that the colors have dramatically changed. I love working with bright colors. 

I also started the large painting of a kitchen. Love this kitchen! Can't wait to get back to the studio.


Breakfast Nook

I am so happy to post this painting. Oh how I love this breakfast nook, and it even comes with a little dog. I would love to start my day at this table– I would eat my english muffin with almond butter and jam, write in my journal, read the morning news, and plan my day. Then, I would go wake up miss Sadie. Oh, it's fun to dream.

Gotta love Martha

Above are 2 new paintings I have started this week. Both images I pulled from the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine. The room with the chaise looks so peaceful- the perfect place to relax with a great book or magazine. I am a sucker for natural light and combining indoor and outdoor spaces. This painting is 9 x 12 inches.

The bottom image you'll have to look at closely (it's easier to see if you click on the image to enlarge). I have done the initial drawing of this kitchen. This painting will be my biggest interior to date- it's 24 x 30 inches. Can't wait to get paint on this one. Stay tuned.


Working Together

Thought ya'll would like to see how Sadie and I work/play together in our studio. Sadie enjoys playing with her toys (books, dolls, baskets, stuffed animals). Her favorite thing to do lately is drop balls out of her area and then point to them as they roll around. Generally, she does great playing in her space. It makes me very, very happy when I can get around 15 minutes of uninterrupted time. 

Green Kitchen

I've been meaning to post this little gem for a while. Finished this one about a week ago. It's super cute and tiny (5 x 7 in). I am really enjoying painting interiors, and I love the greens and yellows in this painting. 

This painting along with Yellow Ottoman and Nate's House are currently on view at the Contemporary Art Workshop in Chicago.



Started this one today and I'm loving it. It's 5 in x 7in. 

Yellow Ottoman


 6 in x 12 in


Nate's House

I spend hours looking at home decorating magazines, and have been keeping an image journal of all of the interiors that I love. When I saw that my favorite designer, Nate Berkus' Chicago apartment was featured in this month's Elle DECOR magazine (www.elledecor.com), I ran to buy a copy. Not only did I examine each image of his apartment, I decided to paint it!


Sadie Sleeping is complete

It took three long and hazy years to conceive Sadie. She is here now and is lovely, playful and dare I say... perfect. Sadie's addition to our family is a miracle. Every night my husband and I check on her before we turn in for the night. In this painting I have portrayed what we see; a peaceful, sleeping baby. However, we walk into her room with our minds racing- has our luck run out? is she okay? But, with my hand on her back, I feel the rise and fall of her breath, and I know everything is perfect.


Sadie Sleeping Background

It's time to go back to this painting of Sadie sleeping that I started in June. I am working on the background now. If all goes well, I'm going to enter this into the National Portrait Gallery's competition. 

Sadie and I had to leave the studio early today because it was about 90 degrees there. She was a trooper and let me do quite a bit of work on this painting. 



Started this one today. I am experimenting with layering gesso on the canvas and sanding it to get a smoother surface. So far, I really like how the paint sits on top of the canvas. I am also experimenting with the color of her skin. We'll see what happens. 9 x 11 inches

Today is Sadie's 1st birthday. Holla Sadie!

Pete and Sadie painting finished!

Here it is. I finished the Pete and Sadie painting that I started a few months ago (look at my first post for the painting in progress). 9 x 11 inches

Sadie Sleeping Part 2 and 3

I have been a bit obsessed taking pictures of Sadie while she is sleeping. It's so interesting to see all of her different positions. Both of these paintings are 8 x 10 inches. I love how small and intimate they are. 


Sadie Sleeping

I'm interested in Sadie's sleeping positions so I've been taking pictures of her over the last 2 weeks while she's sleeping. This one is entitled, Did you check on her?



Here is the Warrior. I think it looks like she has been through a battle. 


I'm on a roll

Sadie is almost 1 (exactly 11 months old today). The change of weather from cool to warm, the farmer's market opening, and working in the garden all remind me of this time last year. I was full of anticipation, energy, and excitement. I think all of those memories are driving me to paint images of Sadie moments after she was born. I started this painting today.

Background Change

I am happy with the way the background no longer competes with the figure.


I gave birth again today

I have been thinking about doing a painting of Sadie moments after she was born. Today, I did it. I'm thinking about adjusting the background color. 

Young Mom and Dad

While I am still working on the Pete and Sadie painting, I decided to start another. Here it is. 


Venturing into the Unknown

Here I go. I, Kate Lewis, am starting a blog about my art. Let's see what happens. This painting is a work in progress. It's a painting of Sadie (daughter) looking at Pete (cat) through her crib. I'm working on getting her hair the right color... don't worry, it will not stay white.