in case you were wondering
this is what my studio looks like right now

my desk on the left

pile of trash in the middle

exposed beams on top
really, really high ceiling

drywall was finished this week
next, paint

can't wait to show you the finished space!!!!
coming soon...

can you see me smiling?

send off

the first ever art giveaway is being 
flown to australia today
enjoy your new home 
blue little table!!



the first ever art giveaway winner is...
caroline andrews

thanks to everyone who entered

more giveaways to come 
sooooo stay tuned:)

have a great weekend!


faucet sketch-a-roo

 for my next little print

inspired by photographer amy neunsinger's
funky, cool kitchen 
i heart this kitchen, for real

AND, you still have time to enter my 
first ever art giveaway
join the fun!!!
winner will be announced tomorrow night :)



i was thrilled to receive my copy of decorate 
by holly becker of decor8 today!

 i went straight to the backyard to devour the book
i am now full to the brim with ideas for paintings :)
 thanks holly!!!

here some shots of our little haven in the city

ps don't forget to enter my first ever giveaway!!!!!!!!!


my first giveaway!!!

sooo super excited to announce a 

winner will receive his/her choice of 
one of my latest prints.  

yellow from the afternoon reading series
green, pink, blue from the garden series

white on blue from the little table series

join the fun!
to enter the giveaway, you must be a follower of katelewisart. and leave a comment

which color combo would you choose? 
all the options HERE

giveaway will be open all week long, 
winner will be drawn on friday, july 22! 
good luck :)


no nap

sadie didn't nap today
i let her paint with me
we played around with watercolors
a bright sketch


little table

a sweet little print to brighten your afternoon
i had fun experimenting with a variety of color combos :)

white on blue

blue on white

blue on orange

yellow on blue

grey on yellow

grey on white

black on white

the details
title: little table series
medium: linoleum block print on paper
size: 5 x 6 inches


color blocking

you know it's all the rage
i mean, look what's out there

and, of course
the king of color blocking, rothko

so...naturally, i created color blocks of my own
green, pink and blue on white

yellow, blue and green on white

yellow, green, pink on orange

i threw in black and white for good measure

the details

title: the garden series
medium: linoleum block prints on paper
size: 6 x 8 inches each


texture, layers and scale

went to see mark bradford at the 
museum of contemporary art, chicago

gorgeous day in chicago

my fav thing to do is look at the sides of paintings. 
love to see layers and the artist's hand.

oh, all the texture, texture, texture!

and the layers!

the SCALE- so inspiring

 this work inspires me to go bigger and bolder. 
you better watch out!


best friends

cherry tart, flowers and forks best friend...

title: green flowers, floral tablecloth and books
medium: graphite, watercolor and gouache on canvas
size: 8 x 8 inches

she wanted to be placed on the grey shelves in the dining room...

and insisted on having her best friend nearby

yep, paintings have friends too.

enjoy some detail shots:


thinking about

cy twombly


April 25, 1928 – July 5, 2011