afternoon reading linoleum block print

i've been playing around and 
having lots o' fun

pink and yellow a.k.a. yeller

white and blue 

pink and orange

dark grey and white

which color combo is your fav?

5 x 8 inch linoleum block print on paper


what i'm cookin' up

it starts with the letter p and 
rhymes with merrymaking

some essential supplies

 sketching from my inspiration book

think color, pattern and 
a splash of 
(b/c it's my fav word of the day)


outdoor shower love

super refreshing and relaxing :)
had a great weekend at lake michigan!


big dude is done...

and i'm calling her 
"big curtains with poppies and tiny blue chair"

i know, it's a silly name. 
i'm in a silly mood.

she wanted to be next to a bowl of oranges 
and some flower pillows...
so, whoever brings her home, 
you better be taking notes

her stats:
title: big curtains with poppies and tiny blue chair
size: 48 x 60 inches
medium: graphite, watercolor and gouache on canvas

hello poppy

a peek at the top

crazy orange curtain

tiny blue chair about to be swallowed 
by red curtain

and, lower left corner. 
i like the black horizontal lines. :)


country wedding

while in tn, we attended my cousin's wedding. 
picturesque, charming, intimate and ultra inspiring

i already have a few ideas for paintings...

thoughtful touches everywhere

congratulations logan and megan!


visiting tennessee

i am spending the week in tn with my family. 
oh, it's good to come home.

sadie, eli and i drove around the farm this morning. 
this is what we saw:

the first night here, there was an amazing thunderstorm. 
then, this rainbow appeared along with this sunset.
i had to share...

some of my favorite things around my parent's house:
where we have eaten all of our dinners
violets, remind me of my grandmother, emma lou
this and
this stand out to me today.

finally, i find it humorous that my parents have the collages i made of them (when i was in elementary school) hanging over their bed. :)


cherry tart, flowers and forks

a cherry tart, flowers and forks for a friday afternoon snack, just for you :)

title: cherry tart, flowers and forks
size: 8 x 10 inches
medium: graphite, watercolor and gouache on canvas

the cherry tart on green plates with a little 
glittery silver in the background for some extra pizazz

peonies, my favorite flower right now

and, a few forks for my guests

inspiration, you ask? well, here it is:


domino magazine meets matisse...WOW

the best compliment EVER

a HUGE thanks to kayce of kayce hughes pears + bears for the art love shout out! 
 i love her fresh design. and, she's in TN!!!

i can see sadie and eli sporting these looks


big dude sneak peek

here's a little peek of the big dude i'm working on!!!!

the poppies made an appearance yesterday

watercolor and gouache on canvas

fun stuff happening here. :)

a HUGE thanks to kayla at {A Chic Peek} for posting about my work today!!!