Sadie Sleeping is complete

It took three long and hazy years to conceive Sadie. She is here now and is lovely, playful and dare I say... perfect. Sadie's addition to our family is a miracle. Every night my husband and I check on her before we turn in for the night. In this painting I have portrayed what we see; a peaceful, sleeping baby. However, we walk into her room with our minds racing- has our luck run out? is she okay? But, with my hand on her back, I feel the rise and fall of her breath, and I know everything is perfect.


Sadie Sleeping Background

It's time to go back to this painting of Sadie sleeping that I started in June. I am working on the background now. If all goes well, I'm going to enter this into the National Portrait Gallery's competition. 

Sadie and I had to leave the studio early today because it was about 90 degrees there. She was a trooper and let me do quite a bit of work on this painting. 



Started this one today. I am experimenting with layering gesso on the canvas and sanding it to get a smoother surface. So far, I really like how the paint sits on top of the canvas. I am also experimenting with the color of her skin. We'll see what happens. 9 x 11 inches

Today is Sadie's 1st birthday. Holla Sadie!

Pete and Sadie painting finished!

Here it is. I finished the Pete and Sadie painting that I started a few months ago (look at my first post for the painting in progress). 9 x 11 inches

Sadie Sleeping Part 2 and 3

I have been a bit obsessed taking pictures of Sadie while she is sleeping. It's so interesting to see all of her different positions. Both of these paintings are 8 x 10 inches. I love how small and intimate they are.