Clumpy daisies

I am having fun taking paint directly from the jar and putting it on the canvas. 
I'm calling this part of the painting clumpy daisies.


Working and reflecting

Continuing to work on this chair.

Reflecting/writing in my journal.


Working where i can

Lately I have found that Eli's room is a very productive working environment. For some reason, he requires less sleep than his sister, Sadie. So, while she is fast asleep, Eli and I set up shop in his room. As we were working together yesterday, I thought it would be fun to post pictures of his room (my second studio). 

I used paint pens to make these fun drawings on his walls. 
And, I made the flags out of fabric and ribbon. Very fun and very easy!

And, yes, I made that little red creature hanging out by the clock. 

And, yes, I made that green and blue creature hanging out in the corner. :)

My grandmother made the circus blanket hanging on the wall.


Sewing the chair

The chair is now in the hand sewing stage of creation. You can see for the pics that I decided to stuff the frame of the chair. I'm excited to see it coming together. 

A shout-out to my assistant for helping me on his 1st birthday! Happy Birthday Eli!!!


New flower painting (don't worry, i'm not finished)

New painting of flowers. I love the table cloth pattern at the bottom of the canvas. 
And, I'm lovin' all of the pink!

Detail of the left side. 

Inspiration image. I cannot remember what magazine I pulled this from.


To stuff or not to stuff

I'm debating whether or not to add polyfil to the orange fabric (i.e. the frame of the chair).



my wall of patterns.


New chair

Inspiration for new chair. Image from July 2010 Livingetc magazine (my new favorite obsession).

arm of chair

work station/inspiration wall


Two chairs and studio assistant

Started this chair today.

Cutting fabric.

I have been working on this chair for a while now. Still not sure where it's going.

My studio assistant, Eli.