nate's house has sold

it's always a thrill when a painting sells
but, this one...

oh, this one is the one that
started it all

so, thanks nate's house for being the leader
  of all of the paintings that
were created after you

enjoy your home!

above are some of my favs from the article
that set my heart pounding 
ignited this series of work

thanks elle decor



oh yeah!
the studio is ALMOST complete

i've been a busy bee
organizing, organizing, organizing
stay tuned for the big reveal!!


front page!

Green Flowers, Floral Tablecloth and Books
is on the front page of 

she was so excited when i told her
she wanted to check it out herself

can you see...she's glowing!!!

see all of my work exhibited through 
ugallery.com here


be calm

this is what i'm channeling right now


thanks LB


simple things

it doesn't get much better than

fresh flowers 

another painting may be emerging...


jayson love

i am delighted to share snaps from my 
absolutely favorite store

when i need a shot of inspiration,
i head straight here

 i love their mix of textures 

and patterns

plus all the plants!

they also have a fabulous  
(and a sale going on right now!)

plus here is a peek inside 
a the day in the life of head buyer
Caroline Scheeler

oodles of ideas abound


i heart paper

who doesn't, right?

going to experiment printing on these two gems

good times ahead

and, painting (of the walls) in my studio is almost complete. 
i'll post pics next week!!!!

happy weekend


chickens, llamas and antiques

where i've been

hangin' out with chickens

watching llamas
which are beautiful and a bit odd

scouting out treasures

enjoying end of the summer blooms

we had a relaxing little trip to michigan
it's great to recharge with the family


farewell dear friend

all of my paintings are near & dear to my heart
especially this one

i started this painting a few weeks 
before my son was born and 
finished it with him by my side

late morning brunch helped me remain 
somewhat sane 
after the long nights spent with little eli


see this painting and more
in the latest issue of House of Fifty


faucet tiny print

the latest!!
a wee little line print

which one is your favorite?

blue belle?

my personal fav is this 
white on lemony yellow

it's so fresh :)

if you missed it, here's the sketch and inspiration

and, check out the details here



a BIG thanks to janell of the 
gorgeous online magazine 
for featuring my work

check it out here!!!!

some of my fav images 
from this issue
i ADORE this living room 
from christine dovey's article,  
see more of her creative ideas at 

i will be sporting this orange nail color 
this fall along with this top

thanks again 
house of fifty!!!!

keep the inspiration coming :)