Whimsical Installation Pieces

Amelia Chair, 2010
fabric, thread and polyfill
37h x 23w x 4.5d inches

Amelia Chair (detail)

Penelope Chandelier
fabric, thread, paint, canvas and paper
51 x 19.5 inches

Penelope Chandelier (detail 1)

Penelope Chandelier (detail 2)

I am entering new territory with my work and I'm loving it. Continuing to use interior and still lifes as my subject matter, I am creating installation pieces based on recurring elements in my paintings such as chairs, chandeliers, flowers, frames and bookcases that are hung on the wall or from the ceiling.


Erdem Spring 2010 collection

Have you seen this amazing dress? Find the collection here.



Texture and Patterns

I've been thinking a lot about ways to incorporate bold patterns and texture into my paintings. Here are sources of upholstery inspiration:



Sixx Design and 9 by Design

I am in love with and borderline obsessed with Sixx Design and their show on Bravo 9 by Design.

Check out this interview in New York Social Diary.


Continuting On

Continuing On opened with a bang. We were thrilled with the large turn-out! The exhibition included 4 artists- Karen Appleton, Joanne Aono, me, and Neha Vedpathak. Here are some pictures from the show (click on the artist's name to see more work).

I am delighted that Sadie and Eli are with me when I make my art and now they can experience it in a gallery show. Here they are admiring, discussing, and contemplating my work.