Black and White

she's done!
i'm very proud of myself for only using 
black, white and a little shimmery silver!

this isn't the last you've seen of multiple chandeliers...
and, the next one will have COLOR!!!
hint, hint

bottom detail

middle detail

she's living in our upstairs hallway next to 

lots of Sadie and Eli creations
the Victorian women 
who live on the walls in our bathroom
(i know...)

head on over here to see her size and price info


new to web site

good afternoon!
these 2 lovely little paintings 
are now available on 

8 x 10 inches

8 x 8 inches

as always, 
scoot on over to my web site  
for details

here are a few snaps i took while working on them:



black and white

this is what i'm cookin' up
i'm going for graphic and bold
here's an in process glimpse

inspiration pics
love the lines and shapes of this chandelier

i'm aiming to create a bold pattern like this

oh, how i love color against a dark background
i may add touches of color
we'll see 


the making of lollipop

i started with layers and layers of sap green
i'm guessing there are about 10-15 washes of green!

 next, with help from the little man, 
i started on the chandelier

now, my favorite!!!
COLOR is being added
i used striped tissue paper from 
Kate Spade as inspiration
(you can see it on the back wall)

i was constantly moving from color to color
my jars of water and palette

here, i thought i may be done, 
but something was missing
the chandlier wasn't popping like i wanted

i added paint pens
and voilĂ 

go here for details



introducing my new favorite
 48 x 60 inches
yes, it's large and colorful 
and full of layers and drips

here are some detail snaps :)

Sadie with Lollipop 
(taken with my camera phone)

as always, head to my web site for details