the making of lollipop

i started with layers and layers of sap green
i'm guessing there are about 10-15 washes of green!

 next, with help from the little man, 
i started on the chandelier

now, my favorite!!!
COLOR is being added
i used striped tissue paper from 
Kate Spade as inspiration
(you can see it on the back wall)

i was constantly moving from color to color
my jars of water and palette

here, i thought i may be done, 
but something was missing
the chandlier wasn't popping like i wanted

i added paint pens
and voilà

go here for details


Karen Appleton said...

Thank you for showing the in-progress and studio pics, so inspiring to see the artist's brain at work! You always open my eyes to look for inspiration in sources outside my norm!

Barbra Ignatiev said...

Just found you via Ugallery and I love your work! This one is so extremely lovely and I love to see the process, as I'm an artist too. All your work is so bright and feels comfy.