Hello Kitchen

 Hello green kitchen with yellow chair!

 Is every utensil in your kitchen yellow? Uh, yep!

Have a seat in my yellow chair.


Using water freely

I am loving using lots of water like in the above watercolor sketch. I plan on continuing to explore this with watercolors in my sketchbook and soon move to the 30 x 30 in blank canvas I have on my easel. Oh the excitement!

Above are a few sketches I created while on the phone with my mom. Happy Birthday Mom!!!


Watercolor sketches

 As I begin to think about my next painting on canvas, I am continuing to do 11 x 17 inch watercolor sketches. I am playing around with using more water, and I'm trying to sketch less before I begin painting. You can see the results in the above painting. I'm loving this direction. I want to do a few more sketches before attempting this on a larger scale.

detail of couch in above watercolor

 I am also playing around with a pale palette.




I am really enjoying spending time at my parent's home in TN (above are a few views of their land). Sadie, Eli and I arrived last week to a relaxing and creative environment. This is where I grew up, and I always feel centered when I am here.  Best of all, my parents are letting me play in their pottery studio and woodworking shop. So far, I have thrown pots with my mom's assistance, and I have been brainstorming furniture ideas with my dad. It's so fun to try another media and work in 3-d.

pottery studio/woodworking shop

 inside pottery studio

 hard at work on my 2nd attempt

such a great place for the kids to play


Temporary Studio (a.k.a. dining room table)

 Work is being done in my studio (the top floor of our house). At first, I thought it would only be a few weeks. Well, a few weeks have turned into a few months. To keep from going insane with no place to work, I have taken over our dining room table. With a small space, my work has gotten smaller. I have been doing a series of seemingly unrelated watercolors. It has been fun to play for a while. Here are some images of what I have created.

last but not least is my new favorite shoe from the j.crew spring collection