How many paintings are underneath one painting?

It's finished, right? This one was titled Dreaming of You- that was in April (see last pic below). 
Now, I'm thinking of calling this Bedroom.

I have been working on this canvas for about 7 months now. There are many, many layers of paint on this one! I was frustrated at times- especially during the shoe rack phase, but it was fun to document. It was freeing to allow myself to transform this canvas over time. To keep me from feeling a little insane or just plain indecisive, I had to keep reminding myself that Matisse did this with many of his canvases. The images below capture the painting over the last several months.
 early nov.




I was happy with this painting at the time. It hung in my bedroom all summer and just didn't feel right. So, in August I put it back on my easel...



 I just finished my largest painting to date- it's 4ft x 5ft. The blank canvas has been sitting in my studio for 3 months. After a great conversation with my friend, Karen (see her blog here), I was unleashed from the fear of working on a large surface.

chandelier detail 
(i am loving chandeliers lately and i've just started creating on out of fabric)

 flower detail

books/ottoman detail

a pic of the painting in my studio- to get a sense of the scale


Claes Oldenburg

I've been thinking about Oldenburg lately and the construction of his large sculptures. 
I found this post about the conservation of his Floor Cake at MoMA.


in process watercolors

detail of above image

i have had the urge to work with watercolor for several weeks.
so, i started these a few days ago, and i'm loving the process.

Dining room lighting

The lighting is complete! I've very happy with the results. 
I used wire found in the floral section at Michaels; somewhat sheer, linen-like fabric; 
and simple pendant lights from Home Depot.


Fabric flower installations

I've been creating fabric flowers lately. Here is one installed in my living room. 
I love the playfulness of these!

Two more in my studio waiting for more flower friends to join them.

flower in process

another in process photo

I'm also thinking about going big.


New painting

Here it is. Finished.



Wire Baskets

I'm kinda in-love with wire baskets right now. I envision putting wood in one and placing it next to our fireplace. These beauties are from one of my greatest sources of inspiration Jayson Home and Garden.


Eat Pray Love

I haven't exactly figured out why I'm somewhat obsessed with the book and now the movie (i saw it last night). Is it that I can relate to the author as a control freak? I am someone who wants to know everything before making a decision. Or, is it that I admire the guts that it took to take that journey- to leave her marriage and travel alone- to have the discipline and patience to meditate daily? I don't want to leave my marriage or my children, but I do long to break the mold- to go beyond where I think I can go and to break with traditional roles and expectations.


145 minutes

Sadie and Eli are still asleep- 145 minutes!
I'm working on the background of this painting and listening to the airshow practice.

One hour and thirty-six minutes

Sadie and Eli have been asleep for one house and thirty-six minutes, but who's been counting? It's a miracle. I have been catching up on email, day-dreaming, journaling, internet surfing...


Dining room lighting

I LOVVVVVVVE this dining room so much that I had a table created like this one. 
Now, I'm working on my own version of the lighting. Here are pictures of the frames I have created.

Flower painting transformation

The painting went from this pink extravaganza to...

this. We'll see what happens next. I'm still not finished.


Poppy Chair

Poppy Chair, 2010
Fabric, thread, and polyfill
37h x 31.5w x 3.5d inches



Clumpy daisies

I am having fun taking paint directly from the jar and putting it on the canvas. 
I'm calling this part of the painting clumpy daisies.