How many paintings are underneath one painting?

It's finished, right? This one was titled Dreaming of You- that was in April (see last pic below). 
Now, I'm thinking of calling this Bedroom.

I have been working on this canvas for about 7 months now. There are many, many layers of paint on this one! I was frustrated at times- especially during the shoe rack phase, but it was fun to document. It was freeing to allow myself to transform this canvas over time. To keep me from feeling a little insane or just plain indecisive, I had to keep reminding myself that Matisse did this with many of his canvases. The images below capture the painting over the last several months.
 early nov.




I was happy with this painting at the time. It hung in my bedroom all summer and just didn't feel right. So, in August I put it back on my easel...


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the evolution of this painting! The outcome is very simple and elegant.

r garriott said...

Oh my goodness, the fortitude you have! I have to admit, it seems shame you don't have each unique, fascinating stage as its own canvas; you'd have a gallery show!

Karen Appleton said...

What an excellent post Kate!! Wow this is so great that you documented the different layers! How great to see your decisions (and mind) at work in getting to the final painting! Way to go!