flowers on red table with wallpaper

here she is
my latest painting

i'm having fun with flowers and pattern combos

hope you enjoy :)

detail snaps below

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to see her details 
more paintings


blue chair with matisse wallpaper

 a new little painting
5 x 7 inches

isn't she cute?


in progress shot with background inspiration
as seen on instagram

see her on my website



flowers with no pink

i gave myself a little challenge with this one-
i could not use pink!
as you can see from my other work here
that's a BIG challenge for me :)

here she is
oil on canvas
24 x 24 inches

below are some pics i took while creating her.
it was at night---so the pics are a bit dark.
keep in mind that the background canvas is bright white

detail snaps

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flowers in motion

a little movie for you :)

here's the final piece:
available to purchase here

a few detail snaps

the set-up


as always, 
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yippie! new drawings

here they are! 



from $75 to $100 + shipping

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happy weekend



meet happy
she's full of color and brightens everyone's day

30 x 40 inches
oil on canvas

see detail snaps below:

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to purchase and see more artwork

hope you're having a happy day :)


one kings lane sale

hey everybody

wanted to let you know that several of my latest 
marker and watercolor drawings are available
for a short time on 

i'm having so much fun creating
these works 
hope you enjoy them as much as i do :)

p.s. 4 have already sold
can you guess which ones?

click here to see them on 
and to purchase


flowers in chair

hey y'all 
i'm excited to share with you my latest work
(catchy title, i know)

this baby is all marker. no paint.
yep, crazy. yet, fantastic

she's large, too
60 x 48 inches
copic marker on canvas

here she is as i was working on her

detail snaps below

head on over to the ol' web site
to purchase this lovely lady
and to see more work