have a poppy weekend

had to take a break from the big guy (48 x 60 incher) i'm working on to create a little poppy joy!

here's her info:
title: poppy love
size: 9 x 12 inches
medium: watercolor on panel

working on panel is new for me- a side image of the painting in process

my palette

i LOVE poppies. 


adore my emersonmade 5" poppy. 
it perks up any outfit. :)

am crazy about vera--
her passion, creativity, and of course, her poppies.


moving south

it's very fitting that this little one is moving south! 
and very close to where i spent my college days...

she's packaged and ready to go


absolutely beautiful things

a HUGE thanks to anna at absolutely beautiful things for posting about my work. 
i am blown away by the love i have received from around the world!!!!  

i love anna's work and am inspired by the lovely posts on her blog- 
take a look at a few of my favorite images.
now, scoot on over to her blog.

p.s. for those of you wondering about prices-- 
the general range is 
$300-$500 (small works on canvas)
$1500-$2250 (large works on canvas)
$100 (sketches- not posted on my web site...yet) 
+ shipping

i love hearing from you 


begin it!

i'm going for it...starting a 48 x 60 incher today...
and, i'm going to use watercolor on canvas as the main medium!

watercolor makes me really happy, fyi

sneak peak: here are a couple of sketches
19 x 24 inches 
watercolor on unstretched canvas

22 x 30 inches
pencil and watercolor on paper

thanks to Claudia Lane at http://calinteriors.blogspot.com/ for the great Goethe graphic