have a poppy weekend

had to take a break from the big guy (48 x 60 incher) i'm working on to create a little poppy joy!

here's her info:
title: poppy love
size: 9 x 12 inches
medium: watercolor on panel

working on panel is new for me- a side image of the painting in process

my palette

i LOVE poppies. 


adore my emersonmade 5" poppy. 
it perks up any outfit. :)

am crazy about vera--
her passion, creativity, and of course, her poppies.


designchic said...

I adore poppies and this painting is wonderful. Hope you're having a great holiday weekend!!

Claudia Lane said...

Love your poppies Kate, they are stunning!

homestilo said...

Oh I love poppies too (all flowers really). This painting is delightful!

Yer Cinnamon Girl said...

I have noticed that I usually go crazy for flower paintings. I LOVE YOUR POPPY PAINTING SO MUCH! It is so beautiful!!!

Anna of IHOD said...

ooo la la!! Love the color choices. Poppies are such happy flowers!
Hope you had a lovely long weekend!

I Dream Of said...

Hi Kate! I'm was so happy to see your comment and find your blog today! I saw Anna's post about you and LOVED what I saw. These poppies are happy and delightful.

Thanks for popping my today!


Amanda said...

Oh I adore poppies too Kate. The sheer cheerfulness of them can perk up anything at all. Amanda x