prom chair

she's the belle of the ball

6 x 6 inches of sparkles
graphite, watercolor, gouache and glitter on canvas

see detail snaps below

want to add a little glitter to your home?
to purchase :)


flower painting + patterned urn painting, part 2

she's little and bold
playing around with some different color combos
loving the pink, brown, black with green


here are some detail shots

detail of urn

she likes hangin' with her friends

here she is as seen on instagram
please note my summer uniform is in full effect
black Birkenstocks, white jeans and leather arm bands

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blue flowers in patterned urn

the first in a series of 
flowers in patterned urns

a limited palette is a challenge for me
i love the end result

elegant and graceful
she's a little one
12 x 6 inches 

details below:

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to see details
more paintings




i have this hanging by my easel

my favorite:
"do search. but in order to find other than what is search for."

good stuff for painting and life



flowers + patterned urns

can you think of a better combo?
i can't

a preview of what i'm working on

i match the painting
12 x 6 inches

this one's all sketched out and ready
she's 6 x 6 inches

i'm having a strong urge to paint one or more of these large
really large

how big? 
48 x 48? 
60 x 48?




what can i say...
i deviated a bit from my norm

meet flow
she's 36 x 36 inches

a little pencil, a lot of watery watercolor
and a little bit of pen to make her pop

grays and purples with yellows and greens for spring
plus hints of browns and blues

detail shots below:

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to see more