absolutely beautiful things

a HUGE thanks to anna at absolutely beautiful things for posting about my work. 
i am blown away by the love i have received from around the world!!!!  

i love anna's work and am inspired by the lovely posts on her blog- 
take a look at a few of my favorite images.
now, scoot on over to her blog.

p.s. for those of you wondering about prices-- 
the general range is 
$300-$500 (small works on canvas)
$1500-$2250 (large works on canvas)
$100 (sketches- not posted on my web site...yet) 
+ shipping

i love hearing from you 


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I found your site through ABT. LOVE your work. I'll add your blog to my reader. Looking forward to seeing new paintings!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to find your work via Anna Spiro - she's got a great eye!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed your blog and the way you approach art and life, well done carry on.... laila greece

Blue Fruit said...

Well you absolutely deserve a shout out because you are one talented lady. And I am still loving the yellow, by the way!
Do pop over to see my latest post about the illustrator Kerrie Hess because I would love to hear your opinion on her new work.

Anna Spiro said...

Love your work Kate! Thanks for this post too!!