I just finished my largest painting to date- it's 4ft x 5ft. The blank canvas has been sitting in my studio for 3 months. After a great conversation with my friend, Karen (see her blog here), I was unleashed from the fear of working on a large surface.

chandelier detail 
(i am loving chandeliers lately and i've just started creating on out of fabric)

 flower detail

books/ottoman detail

a pic of the painting in my studio- to get a sense of the scale


Karen Appleton said...

Ahhh, Kate, you are so sweet! Thanks for the link!! :) This painting is amazing! I love seeing the detail shots, thank you for posting them. Love the variety of thick and thin paint! And of course the colors are so luscious! I can't wait to see in person!

What's next? :)

r garriott said...

This is a very interesting composition and treatment you've come up with. Isn't it wonderful to work so large now and then? A bit daunting at times, time consuming perhaps, but you can't fail to get a WOW! when working at large scale. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

crazy cool piece... i like your vision