Blank Canvas



Eli and I spent the morning doing research for my next painting. My process goes something like this: get magazines and catalogs, read/flip through them, tear out pages that catch my eye, glue those images into a sketchbook, look at the sketchbook over and over again until I see something that I want to paint.

As Eli cries in his bed after 20 minutes of an afternoon nap (if you would even call that a nap), I have not selected an image(s) to paint. However, I have selected the canvas as you can see. It's funny that I start with the blank canvas and go from there- not the image. I'm thinking I'll paint something calming and relaxing. A simple landscape/tablescape is what I have in mind.

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Karen Appleton said...

How big Eli is!!! I love how you research for paintings and keep a sketchbook of these ideas to look through. Very cool. Very inspiring.