I'm back

It has been over a year since my last post. Why you might ask has it taken me so long?

Well, I moved out of my studio just before my last post, and I was newly pregnant with my second child. Then, Ed and I decided it was time to put our house on the market and look for something with a little more square footage. And, oh yeah, my little brother moved in with us and started college.

We sold our house in January 2009, moved into our new home (where I have my studio in the attic!) in April 2009. Our son was born in July 2009.

Now, Eli is 6 months old. Sadie is 2.5 years old. I am sleeping...more. I am painting...a lot more than I have in the past year. As I write this I realize how much I have missed posting my progress/process as an artist.

The last 14 months have been dedicated to being a mother and wife. Now, I feel the scale tipping more to artist. At least now that both children are asleep and my husband is out-of-town as I write.

All for now. Lots more to come.

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