jayson love

i am delighted to share snaps from my 
absolutely favorite store

when i need a shot of inspiration,
i head straight here

 i love their mix of textures 

and patterns

plus all the plants!

they also have a fabulous  
(and a sale going on right now!)

plus here is a peek inside 
a the day in the life of head buyer
Caroline Scheeler

oodles of ideas abound


Wander.Lust said...

gorgeous store! thanks for stopping by my blog, it gave me the chance to learn about yours too :) xoxo

Mary Anne said...

Kate: Many thanks for coming over and joining my blog! I had not heard of you and so happy to meet you. I loved your post on Jayson and Caroline. After reading about the day in the life . . . . OMG my day started quietly but before the day is over will build significantly! It is a MART day.

I am planning a local bloggers get-together. . . . just starting to work on it. October . . . More on that later.

A pleasure to 'meet' you.

Mary Anne ox

tableandtop.com said...

Love the fabric on the chair. Great photos!!

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