nate's house has sold

it's always a thrill when a painting sells
but, this one...

oh, this one is the one that
started it all

so, thanks nate's house for being the leader
  of all of the paintings that
were created after you

enjoy your home!

above are some of my favs from the article
that set my heart pounding 
ignited this series of work

thanks elle decor


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Oh I love that painting- your work is amazing!!!!

kayce hughes said...


JWK said...

Love that painting so much! Congrats!!


tableandtop.com said...

Love the painting!!

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Ivy Clad said...

I love how you can feel the depth of the room in this painting. And that rug is such a show-stopper. Congrats to the lucky new owner, and to you!

- Keri Doolittle

Karen Appleton said...

OH NO!!!! LOVE this painting! Congratulations!! I'm sure you'll miss this one that started it all!! :)

Kate Lewis said...

so happy to share the joy with you! it's always a thrill when a painting leaves the studio!!