sketches for new painting

which one is your favorite?

stacked tea cups at night

light background stacked tea cups

group of little flowers with crazy patterned background

little flowers with crazy background 
purple slant

would love to hear your thoughts!


Blue Fruit said...

Oh Kate I love all your artworks so that is a tricky question. But the 2 that grab my attention the most are the top one with the black background and the last one with the multi patterned background. Virginia x

sewfarandaway said...

Teacups at Night!

diane said...

Love everything you do but if I have to choose I like the group of flowers without the purple.

Kathy McCullen said...

I look forward to my e-mail updates because your paintings make me so happy! Today my favorites are the teacups with the light background and the flowers without purple. The black contrast seems to overpower the delicate pattern you achieved, and I think the purple slant detracts from the intricacy of pattern in this painting, as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kathy McCullen said...

Have you considered a purple background in the teacups painting?

Kate Lewis said...

thanks everyone so much for your feedback! you've all pointed to the two i thought were most successful- teacups at night and the one without the purple. i hope to get started on the painting soon. :)

kayce hughes said...

two and three are my favorites!