did someone say pattern?

i'm kinda into patterns right now
finished this crazy one today


how it went down
paused to get play-doh out of the little man's truck 
(the end of the paint brush came in handy)

next, eli joined me at the table

 another pause to watch sadie do a trick on 
the swing and trapeze bar

finally, she joined me at the table
i'm getting ideas from her painting :)

now, she's on the studio wall 
with her patterned friends

details here


Claudia Lane said...

Kate I love it! it's brilliant :)

Claudia xo

Ivy Clad said...

Kate, that one is really cool. What's even cooler is how your kids can play around you as you work with all those fun activities! That's what kid-dreams are made of. I have an upstairs room in my house that's doing little more than storing boxes. Your post has inspired me to clear it out today & set up activity stations for my kiddos. I'll let you know how it goes ;) Happy Thursday!

Wander.Lust said...

oooh that print is so pretty, congrats on a great painting!