chairs and pillows

two lovely little paintings


this is where they live now 
(freshly painted. drying on the table):

inspiration, you ask?
anna spiro from absolutely beautiful things
of course
go here and here to see

for details, scoot on over to my web site


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Anna is indeed fabulous inspiration- these are divine!!

Geddes Ulinskas said...

I really love the half poppy chair. There is something beautiful and abstract about it. I expect great things from you.

I Dream Of said...

I knew the minute I saw them that Anna Spiro had to be the inspiration. These are so happy, bright and cheerful! I love them!

diane said...

love, love, love

Anonymous said...

They are just gorgeous, bright and cheery. Love them.x

Tori said...

I love it! Very pretty! I sew so I dream of owning all types of painterly fabrics but there's not much out there....(hint, hint) : )

Alexandra Rae said...

I love these! Both are beautiful. Your art is so truly unique!

FanFamFun said...

your paintings are fantastic! x

lamina @ do a bit said...

Hi, I have just bumped into your blog and I just love your work.. it's SO beautiful and very inspiring!!

I just love all the vibrant colours you use... gorgeous :)

Dusty Coyote said...

Fabulous paintings! So cheerful. Anna's store is certainly inspiring. Your studio looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your talent.