visiting tennessee

i am spending the week in tn with my family. 
oh, it's good to come home.

sadie, eli and i drove around the farm this morning. 
this is what we saw:

the first night here, there was an amazing thunderstorm. 
then, this rainbow appeared along with this sunset.
i had to share...

some of my favorite things around my parent's house:
where we have eaten all of our dinners
violets, remind me of my grandmother, emma lou
this and
this stand out to me today.

finally, i find it humorous that my parents have the collages i made of them (when i was in elementary school) hanging over their bed. :)


Alicia said...

so nice! My parents also have hanging up their bed two collages that my daughter made of them.
I work at a flower shop and every week I throw away some violets:(

Isaac Chung said...

my "one" trip to the Farm is full of memories! love the pictures.

homestilo said...

Oh this looks like a such a sweet getaway. And I love that your parents have your childhood artwork so near and dear to them.

Yer Cinnamon Girl said...

OH Stunningly beautiful! I love the rainbow!

kayce hughes said...

Where in TN? That is so fun. I fall in love with your art that I see on a blog from Australia( is it?) And your parents live in TN. Small world.