big dude is done...

and i'm calling her 
"big curtains with poppies and tiny blue chair"

i know, it's a silly name. 
i'm in a silly mood.

she wanted to be next to a bowl of oranges 
and some flower pillows...
so, whoever brings her home, 
you better be taking notes

her stats:
title: big curtains with poppies and tiny blue chair
size: 48 x 60 inches
medium: graphite, watercolor and gouache on canvas

hello poppy

a peek at the top

crazy orange curtain

tiny blue chair about to be swallowed 
by red curtain

and, lower left corner. 
i like the black horizontal lines. :)


I Dream Of said...

So gorgeous! You can't help but be happy looking at the colors. They are summer-perfect.

Anna of IHOD said...

Its fantastic Kate! Well done!

designchic said...

You know how I love your art and this one is no exception. Love the bright colors!!

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Fun painting! I found you via designchic. I love your bright colors.