making of poppy chairs

Big Half of a Poppy Chair was first
pillows done
working on adding color and 
water to the flowers

they wanted their portrait taken together
big poppy is thinking about having a lighter background

she changed her mind
see final image here

and, she is so excited to announce that 
she is on the way to her new home!

Half of a Purple Poppy started as a graphite sketch 
just like all of my paintings

then came reds, pinks and oranges

multiple colors start to appear
it's getting exciting!!!

there was no question, this one wanted to be purple
see final image here

wonder where will purple poppy end up


Karen Appleton said...

These paintings are fabulous!!! Love seeing the same image in different compositions and sizes, and of course it's always exciting seeing your process!! Too beautiful!!

Ivy Clad said...

These remind me of my childhood growing up in Southern Calif. Bright yellow poppies grew along the mountainsides and made them look like they were on fire. Lovely paintings!