Part of His Room

say what?
Part of His Room
8 x 10 inches

i've been craving abstracts
i know. it's not totally abstract, but
it's pretty abstract for me

this is how he started
i really like the floor. 
i had fun playing with the browns and yellows

guys need flowers in their rooms too, right?

um...this is not my snack. i promise
eli was snacking while sitting on my lap (for a brief time)

finished chair detail
who doesn't love a little shimmer in chair legs?

final flowers detail
pink, red, yellow with hints of orange and purple :)
i'll take 2 bouquets, please

black and white rug detail
pattern. check!

go here for his details


Ivy Clad said...

this would make a great Christmas present! very nicely done.


Dusty Coyote said...

He's a beauty! I Love him.