happy december!!!

this is what i've been up to today
have you started decorating yet???
you better!
it is dec. 1st


dana said...

Kate, I'm so sorry that our plans have changed and we won't be able to visit with you, and the remnants of your wonderful show, after all. Maybe you'll have even more work when I'm in Chicago next. Thanks for offering to host us. dana

Anchor Cottage said...

Hope to get the decorations out this weekend and start trimming. Your front door is trimmed out nicely!

kayce hughes said...

We always do it the day after Thanksgiving. It might be my favorite day of the year.

Mary Anne said...

Hello Kate:

I haven't been by in a while and just love the simplicity of your front door. Beautiful! So you are in Chicago. . . . didn't know that.
I am planning a bloggers get together in the Spring. Stay in touch with me, I would love to have you!