big, bumpy and green

this is what's in the works
it's big

it's bumpy

it's gonna be green

here's a shout-out to sadie and eli 
for playing so well together 
while i put a bunch
of gesso on this baby

holla s and e!


Karen Appleton said...

:D How do I spell scream-with-delight! This is going to be soooooo cool!!!

Kimberly Santini said...

yeah, what Karen said!!

Liza said...

I used to tell myself that you can't even begin to call yourself an artist unless you can do your work with two small kids tugging at you.

Now my kids are teens. They still tug, but differently. I still believe it.

I love your paintings. Thanks.

Dana Barbieri said...

looks so cool! and your kiddos are so great. mine would of been smushed right into it. :)