I Heart New York

If you want a shot of inspiration, go to New York for 3 days with art-lovin' girlfriends and see as much art as humanly possible; at night, spend time with your husband who is there on business and is equally excited about opportunities he is encountering.

p.s. make sure your in-laws are available to be with your children before arranging the trip and have nanny stop by periodically to make sure in-laws do not become overwhelmed.

Highlights from the trip:

Mary Boone (amazing gallery spaces + beautifully executed, engrossing works of art = nirvana)


Jen Beckman (petite gallery + pastel, pastry-like paintings = delight)


Takashimaya (fresh cut poppies + artful toys and  handmade clothes = higher standards for what I put in my home, on my body and children's bodies, and in my children's hands to play with)



Megan Craig (philosopher + artist + new mother = relief that there is someone else out there juggling motherhood and art)

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Karen Appleton said...

Perfect recap Kate!! My top favs too. Fraser dreamed I would be in Mary Boone, and look, there I am :)

I miss NY :( When can we all go back???