Love and Baby Weight

A big 'ol Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I love this day where I can wear pink, dress my children in pink/red and receive lots of tulips and buttercups. I did this little watercolor today. It is an image of a cupcake I would love to devour if I were not trying to drop the last 8 pounds of baby weight... love ya little Eli, but the baby weight must go. And, much love to my husband Ed (a.k.a. Stedman).


Deltra Powney said...

Hello Kate,

I found your blog through Karen Appleton's blog. I scrolled down your posts and came upon your studio. I love it! I love how your space is so kid friendly. I too have children under foot, a 4 year old and a 4 month old. I am hoping to soon be in my new studio painting. finding that balance. Your blog is such an inspiration and will be popping in now and then to check it out.


joanne said...

You've captured ooey gooey sweet!