Conservatories and Snow

I started a small watercolor today based on images of greenhouses I have been collecting. Sadie (2 years), Eli (6 months) and I have also been frequenting the local conservatory which has proven to be a warm respite for us during the winter months and a source for inspiration for me. 
Btw- a mini conservatory is on my house wish list. There is a perfect flat roof just outside one end of my studio to house it.  Stay tuned.

This is the view from my studio today. We are expected to get 14 inches! Yikes! Can you see why I am drawn to painting flowers and plants- the absolute opposite of what's happening around me? This is a much different approach than my friend Karen is taking with her paintings. Check out her blog here

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Karen Appleton said...

Oh your so cute and sweet to mention me!!! Yikes is right on the snow, I don't even know how you got to the Conservatory!