this big dude left the studio yesterday to live in an active home full of spirit and curiosity.

it's bittersweet to see a painting grow up and find a home away from mine. 
travel down memory lane with me. 
oh, look how he's grown!


Blue Fruit said...

Hi Kate! Thank you for your thoughtful and enthusiastic comment on my blog ~ which has lead me back to meet you and your fabulous blog.

Loving your painting style with the light~infused colours. And I see why you liked the home on my post, because it has so much art.

Your paintings have a wonderful brightness to them. So I am happily following now!

Happy Easter from the other side of the world!

homestilo said...

Oh, but think of how happy this painting is going be making its new home!

ckl said...

Oh how sunny and beautiful! I am loving yellow right now, too... :) So great to find your blog and I am in love with your art! :) Can't wait to get a piece for my own house. Love, Courtney

annechovie said...

I love this piece, Kate. I know how it is to part with something that you've put so much of yourself into. Have a great week!

Anna of IHOD said...

I love these hues! Golden yellow is one of my favorite colors.
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving yellow at the moment and seeing your paintings just inspires me to create.

Alicia said...

It´s a beautiful one!