i'm happy to show you 2 
new little ones!

green poppy love


little pops

how they came about...
had some help from 
little red riding hood 
(see upper left)
my fav drink, coconut water

little pops wanted a dark background

little pops with green tea

 this is what's on my studio wall...
a sneek peak of what's to come
i'm diggin' flowers/patterns right now :)

go here and here for sizes and prices

thank you, thank you 
for all of your kind words since the 
haven't stopped smiling


Larrisa Hill Designs said...

Love your Poppies and everything else you paint. I'm your newest follower. Would love for you to follow back...Heather
PS. I've Pinned some of your work onto my Art I Love Pinteres!

Carol Fleisher said...

I love poppies and the one's you've created are simply amazing. Thanks for sharing your creations with us.

verdigrisrose said...

Love your new poppies!!!!!Thanks for sharing.. Nic ethat you have company while you paint. I sit with a pic of my grandson nearby.. I am drinking coconut water too!!!...What do you think it's good for?...I think it might be good for weight???..julia

Dusty Coyote said...

I actually think they look cool hanging on the wall with their blank friends, but I'm weird like that. Love the dark navy/purple background.

Megan Watkins said...

Speaking of the Design*Sponge post. That is how I found your page :) Your work is really beautiful. These little poppies are now some of my favorites!

Karen Appleton said...

Love Love Love these poppies!! Gorgeous colors and color combinations - as always! So excited for your feature on Design Sponge too!! I can not wait to see what will go next in this grouping :)

Vanessa said...

digging the poppies on the dark background. bravo!

Vanessa said...

Pinned :)