2 new paintings :)

fearlessly mixing patterns
 flowers delight

you can see them both this weekend at

if you can't make it to see them in person,
here are some detailed snaps for you!
upper left of fearlessly

lower left of fearlessly

 middle of fearlessly

upper right of fearlessly

lower middle of fearlessly

upper left of flowers 

upper right of flowers

lower middle of flowers 

lower right of flowers

here for fearlessly mixing patterns
here for flowers delight

enjoy! :)


Ivy Clad said...

Love, love them both!

I hope your summer is beginning well!


annechovie said...

Terrific, Kate! love the riot of pattern and color.

kayce hughes said...


Nat said...

beautiful - love the style and all the decorative floral bits!

Becolorful said...

Kate, love your work. I was doing some blog house keeping in my google reader today and rediscovered your blog. I have a feature on my own that I call What I Love Today. I have scheduled a post for tomorrow featuring your work and have included images and of course a link to your portfolio. If you would prefer that I not use your images would you please let me know.
Thanks so much,
pam @ BeColorful

Anchor Cottage said...

Your art work leaves me happy!