twinkle, twinkle backyard party

this image captures what i enjoy 
the most about summertime: 
outside fun full of good food and drink
and a good-looking tablescape with
fresh flowers and twinkle lights

now, take a little break to watch
how she was made
1484 photos came together to show you this

in case you were wondering,
this was my set-up

some detail snaps of twinkle, twinkle

click on over to my website
to see twinkle's details

what do you love the most about summertime?


Karen Appleton said...

Kate I am in love with this painting! And the video! The twinkle lights and watermelon and Cracker Jacks! Oh my gosh! The pink sky ... oh my!!!

My fav summertime thing is a sound, I miss the sound of a meadow in the South, the symphony of all the buzzing, chirping, and humming. :)

Ivy Clad said...

So summery & pretty! The drinks in the painting remind me of Clementine Izzes-- a favorite of mine!

I hope your summer is going well! I loved seeing photos of your house featured the other day. It looks great!


molly lubs tompkins said...

hi kate! happy summa, summa, summertime! i saw your feature on style carrot and had to stop by and say hi. i love your recent painting!