in the works: magic tile ride

what i've been
working on
a large (mainly) watercolor on paper

i say mainly b/c i just brought out the paint pens...
who knows what will happen next

a working shot
notice the train whistle on the left
doesn't every painter have one?

couldn't do this without those 
kiddos doing their thing 
while i do mine

a snap to give you a sense of scale
it's a biggie

still working
hopefully done next week

stay tuned :)


koralee said...

Wow....your work is amazing. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me the other day...love the photo of your little girl peeking over the table...so darling.

Marina said...

It looks awesome! Wish I have your talent :)

Gild and Grace said...

Looks lovely Kate! Have a great week :)

Abbey x

Sean said...

Love it! Just the right amount of yellow.