clay and wood

our week in tn
was relaxing

i spent most of my time
working with mom in her
pottery studio
painting plates, cups and bowls she
had already thrown

above: a few finished bowls

below: my work station in the house

for fun, i thought i would
make a lamp
fingers crossed it makes it
in the kiln
(it's drying, on its side)

i also worked with this vintage dress
to create this pattern in a large bowl
(here it is drying)

last, but certainly not least,
i worked with dad to create 
this pine accent table
(by worked with, i mean,
i held the stump while he
cut it with a chainsaw)

see the wooded area in the
back far left?
that's where we created this

the kids had fun, too
riding bikes around the farm
riding tractors
petting lambs
running through
wheat fields

it's always nice to be in the country
it's always nice to come back to the city



Ivy Clad said...

Hi Kate! I really enjoyed this post. Your bowl designed after the vintage dress is lovely. It's awesome that you have such a creative family.


Megan said...
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Megan said...

These are beautiful! Didn't you do some work painted on fabric at some point?

Kate Lewis said...

megan, yes! i have been experimenting with painting and sewing on fabric. you can see more here: http://katelewisart.com/section/170938_fabric_installations.html