How many paintings are underneath one painting?

It's finished, right? This one was titled Dreaming of You- that was in April (see last pic below). 
Now, I'm thinking of calling this Bedroom.

I have been working on this canvas for about 7 months now. There are many, many layers of paint on this one! I was frustrated at times- especially during the shoe rack phase, but it was fun to document. It was freeing to allow myself to transform this canvas over time. To keep me from feeling a little insane or just plain indecisive, I had to keep reminding myself that Matisse did this with many of his canvases. The images below capture the painting over the last several months.
 early nov.




I was happy with this painting at the time. It hung in my bedroom all summer and just didn't feel right. So, in August I put it back on my easel...



 I just finished my largest painting to date- it's 4ft x 5ft. The blank canvas has been sitting in my studio for 3 months. After a great conversation with my friend, Karen (see her blog here), I was unleashed from the fear of working on a large surface.

chandelier detail 
(i am loving chandeliers lately and i've just started creating on out of fabric)

 flower detail

books/ottoman detail

a pic of the painting in my studio- to get a sense of the scale