childhood friends

just realized that love and little pops 
were childhood friends

who knew?
their nicknames were buffy and china*


in other news
finished a bucket of gesso today 
opened a new one

it's like butta
or, like whipped cream

*a little shout-out to my childhood friend, stacy
hope that baby's growing growing!!
summer babies are the best


Glamour Drops said...

The gesso looks like a delicious bit pot of Italian meringue! O h ~ y u m !!!

Nice brightly dramatic colours on the siblings.

Michel McNinch said...

Hey there. I love your blog. I, too, just opened a new gallon of gesso. It looks nothing like yours! Would you tell me where to get that lovely, thick gesso? What brand do you use?

Kate Lewis said...

hi! i use blick brand gesso that comes in a gallon bucket. it's delicious when it's new. however, as you get closer to the bottom...not so great. actually, i'm thinking about trying golden's gesso next.

Karen Appleton said...

Yum! :) I can see how these two could be such close friends! They are gorgeous together!!:)

Dusty Coyote said...

They look so HAPPY together. Love them. Oooooh these textures you're adding...yummy!